Safe Asian Countries to go to As a Solo Woman

Asia is an stimulating and fascinating place to travelling only as a woman but is also really worth keeping wellbeing a top main concern. Whether it has for a charming break, a bucket list trip or perhaps to meet new people and check out the traditions, solo female travellers must be prepared to get the unforeseen. To ensure the travels go easily, we’ve joined together an array of the most secure Asian countries to go to as a single woman.


The Lion City is among the safest locations in Asia for women to visit alone and offers a host of sights that are sure to keep busy to get weeks on end. The island is home to a bustling looking and night life scene, a daring food scene and a year-round sunlit climate.

It’s easy to understand why Singapore is one particular for the world’s many popular travel destinations pertaining to both men and ladies, and is frequently cited being the best put in place Asia for women to travel on their own. From exotic landscapes to adrenaline-filled theme parks, there’s something for everyone with this booming and vibrant metropolis.


The very fact that many Asian countries have a lesser cost of living within other parts on the environment means they provide an affordable option for solo travellers. From property options to taxi services, you will find numbers of inexpensive ways to get around in Asia that won’t break your budget.


The biggest concern for vacationers who travel in Asia automatically is protection and the risk of disappearing or assaulted. There are plenty of tricks and tips you can use to stay safe, and these can make sure you have an pleasurable trip and avoid any pitfalls along the route.

In addition , you can take benefit of the variety of secure and comfortable hotels that are available in many Hard anodized cookware urban centers. From funds hotels to luxury suites, you will be able to find something that agrees with your needs.


It has no secret which the Thai folks are a warm and welcoming group, with good family beliefs that make these people a great choice for females travelling the only person. The country is also praised for its abundant way of life and gastronomy, so it could be no wonder that Asia is another destination for solo female travellers.


The is home to a wealth of cultures and made use of, so it’s no surprise that numerous people in this area are open-minded. You’ll find from hippie paradise beaches to gastronomic hotspots through this country, rendering it an ideal destination for women looking for a cultural excitement.

Dalam negri

Its ancient ruins and dazzling landscapes is going to entice any traveler, but it’s the people just who make this destination so extraordinary. Indonesia is a country in which it’s not only safe to be a woman travelling alone although it’s also incredibly affordable to do so.

The country has a thriving digital nomad culture, which means there are lots of opportunities to meet like-minded solitary travellers in the country. You’ll manage to enjoy a quantity of exciting and eye-opening activities, including walking the volcanoes, visiting the floating markets or trekking through the rainforest. There are a lot of culture, flavour and beauty to try out in the country and it’s certainly worth spending a few times there.


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